Using Essential Oils

There are five ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, depending on their nature, dosage and desired effect:

Air Diffusion

This is the easiest method, but it requires the use of an ultrasonic diffuser that allows optimal micro-diffusion with low diffusion temperature between 35° and 60° C. Temperatures higher than 100° C must be avoided as they accelerate the oxidation and alter the properties of essential oils. Do not let the air diffuser on more than ten minutes per hour. LOTUS AROMA offers two ultrasonic diffusers that use no heat and that work well for any room of the house.


Simply add a few drops of essential oils to a bowl of warm water and inhale the vapors while wearing a towel over the head. You can also perform a direct inhalation by putting a few drops on a clean handkerchief through which you breathe deeply.

Transcutaneously (massage or bath)

Few essential oils can be applied undiluted on the skin. Essential oils that are rich in phenols are particularly aggressive and must be diluted in vegetable oil. As essential oils are not water soluble, a dispersing agent (milk, eggs, alcohol...) must be used in a bath. For LOTUS AROMA essential oils, use the UNSCENTED family (bath & bodywash and massage & body oil) as dispersing agent.


This is undoubtedly the most effective method. However it is potentially dangerous, as many essential oils are toxic, especially those that contain ketones and lactones. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Rectally (suppositories)

This is the best method for children and infants or people with sensitive digestive mucosa. Another advantage over oral administration is the fact that absorption through the anal veins bypasses the liver. That being said, we do not recommend it.