The Perfect Ambiance for the Holidays!

December. The first snowflakes. There is a buzz in the air. When night comes, our streets and homes light up in an array of colours. The delightful aroma of warm spice wine tells us the Christmas market is back. Freshly cut trees await their decorations. Christmas Eve menus are carefully planned as Christmas carols get everyone in a rejoicing mood ... In other words, here come the Holidays!


And these Holidays come with their own distinctive fragrances. Can you imagine Christmas without the sweet scents of cinnamon, citrus or fir? Spread the Holiday magic in each room of your house by treating yourself to a LOTUS AROMA Ambiance Mist. Three of LOTUS AROMA's six Ambiance Mists are tailor-made for the Holiday season.


For a spicy touch, choose Cypress & Cinnamon. For a warm, woody scent, go with Pine & Balsam Fir. Or, if the refreshing aroma of citrus fruits does the trick for you, indulge in Sweet Orange & Mandarin. These three LOTUS AROMA Ambiance Mists will be the finishing touch to your merry spirit. With their pure and natural essential oils, these true health sprays do much more than fill your rooms with a pleasant scent, they literally purify and sanitize the air in your home. Guaranteed well-being!


Enjoy the holiday magic to the fullest by creating a cheerful and refined Christmas atmosphere with LOTUS AROMA's Ambiance Mists.


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at LOTUS AROMA!