LOTUS AROMA Repair Balm with Natural AHA

Good God, this is about the most incredible stuff I have ever used. I am being totally honest and not Britishly polite here. I go barefoot all winter and wander about in the snow barefoot on the steps when helping Judy in from work every day and my feet had become a bit cracked and painful in a couple of places.

Anyway, I washed me tootsies and smothered them lovingly with this foot care balm. I am NOT kidding….within 3 hours they were on their way to healing and had stopped hurting. I applied more before going to bed and this morning it’s all healed, a small scab where there was an open crack - was a bit like a SciFi movie where you can watch things heal!  I cannot believe this. I going to continue to apply this to the dry skin areas and let you know what happens….

I know it says it’s for footsies but I also applied it to an area on my lip that I had kept biting for months. Every time it healed it left a little skin tab which I’d bite off and would invariably open it up and make it bleed again and create another tab I’d bite off and so on….anyway I applied it yesterday afternoon, and then last night and it’s healed up. This is utterly remarkable.

I like the smell, just vaguely pepperminty. I love the consistency. I LOVE the way it works. And they should market it as the miracle healing cream not just for feet. I am serious.

I want a case of this stuff.  I want to try more of their products. I am blown away, never used anything like this.

GM from Sutton, NH

LOTUS AROMA Bath & Body Wash

My booth was next to Lotus Aroma at Expo West in Anaheim. I received some bath gel before I left, and tried the product when I got home. LOVE IT! Amazing ingredients. I wish I had paid attention when I was at the show. I have a friend who has very sensitive skin, and I would like to get him some of your Body Lotion.

Melissa, PA, USA

LOTUS AROMA Exfoliating Cream

Wowza, just the right amount of ‘foam’ and the scrubby stuff isn’t abrasive. My skin looks so much happier since I used it, a winter’s worth of unhappy old skin has gone and now I’m all glowy and healthy looking. It’s so easy to use. It stays.This is now my #2 face-base care item.

LOTUS AROMA Purifying Facial Mask Green Clay

OMG, do you remember the days of mixing up green clay with water and slathering it on your face. What a palava it was….. and then it all cracked off in chunks when you moved a facial muscle. Well, this stuff comes right out of the tube all ready to rock and roll, it goes on so easily its ridiculous. So then it dried and it did tighten up but doesn’t all crack off in bits all over your keyboard, nice touch. I looked in the mirror and this oddly ghoulish green expressionless thing looked back at me, which made me laugh, but it still didn’t crack off all over the place. This is the very best clay mask I have ever used, it’s so easy, it doesn’t shed all over the place when you smile or talk. It’s UTTERLY fantastic stuff. This is now my #3 face-base care item.

LOTUS AROMA True Lavender Gentle Toner

Hello Lotus Aroma. Thank you a billion. Your True Lavander worked so well for me that my manager at work asked me what foundation makeup was wearing? It was not makeup just your True Lavender.  

Dorothy LM, BC


I wanted to express my thanks for the Lotus Aroma products, I had used the massage gel last evening on my sons back, he is having problems with his rotator cuff and is in pain. I had used just a little bit of the gel and it was so easy to use and smelled so wonderful as well :)

Thank you


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