Sweet Fennel

Latin Name

Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce





Distilled Component

Fruits (seeds)

Traditionally Known Properties

Effectively relieves digestive problems, anorexia, colitis, nausea, gas. Helps alleviate feminine issues (lack of or irregular periods, menopause and pre-menopause syndrome) with ''estrogen-like properties''. Potent galactogen (promotes milk flow in young mothers). Highly effective pain reliever for the musculoskeletal system (lumbago, muscle spasm pain, even rheumatism). Nips coughing in the bud. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory.


Avoid during pregnancy.


Since ancient times, fennel has been used as a condiment. In Rome, victorious gladiators were awarded a fennel wreath. The fennel head was also the emblem of Bacchus ... In the Middle Ages, fennel was considered a magic plant with aphrodisiac properties. People began to grow sweet fennel in Tuscany in the late Middle Ages. Made popular by Catherine de Medici, it has become one Italy's favourite vegetables.