Radiance Anti-Wrinkle Day Serum

with Sorgho,  Evodia Fruit & Algae extract

plumping,  lifting



LOTUS AROMA Radiance Anti-Wrinkle Day Serum is a complete anti-aging booster. Fortified with five innovative, clinically proven and patented plant extracts, this fresh and smoothing gel produces immediate and durable anti-wrinkle and lifting effects. It firms and tones skin tissues, maximizing their density and health. Vitamin E-rich Hyaluronic Acid replenishes the very structure of the epidermis, the skin cells plump up, and mature complexions regain their luster and youthfulness. This serum is replete with Sea Mayweed — a marine bio-ingredient acting as a true skin prebiotic — and promotes microcirculation, soothes the skin and lastingly optimizes its natural balance. Jojoba oil provides pliability. Non-irritating.



During the day, use light strokes to apply two or three drops on clean face and neck, gently pressing outward from the middle of the face and around the eyes. Immediately overlay with LOTUS AROMA Day-Night Firming Cream or LOTUS AROMA Perfection BB Cream SPF 15, according to the care routine for your skin type.


100% Plant-derived Active Ingredients

50% Organic Ingredients

99.5% Natural Formula

75.4% Active Ingredients