Our Story

"Life is a drop of water falling from a Lotus leaf."
Chinese Proverb

LOTUS AROMA was born in 1991 in the nearly bicentennial bucolic village of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. Some 40 km north-west of Montreal in an area bequeathed in 1717 by the King of France to Sulpicians and that later became the Deux-Montagnes County Seigneury, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac was the birthplace of the Patriots during the 19th century. This area is now known for its generous land, agriculture and orchards.

This is where LOTUS AROMA products are brought to life using traditional methods inspired by Ayurvedic medicine which dates back over 5000 years. Its acquisition in 2006 by Dermolab Pharma — a renowned pharmaceutical laboratory in the Montreal area — steered LOTUS AROMA steadfastly towards the future.

Today LOTUS AROMA is an eco-friendly industry leader who promotes sustainability with unparalleled integrity backed by a rigorous manufacturing process under the highest standards – GMP.

The inspiration for the name and colours of LOTUS AROMA is the Lotus, a sacred flower that celebrates life and beauty, and that holds fascinating and mysterious powers.

The Flower ...

Symbol of eternity, divinity and self-realization, the Lotus teaches us the reconciliation of the irreconcilable, depth and superficiality, the present and the past.

The Lotus flower typifies Buddha. Many paintings, sculptures and representations of Lotus are found in Asia. The Lotus is the only aquatic plant whose flower rises above the water surface. This image of lightness parallels that of Buddha who is "so light that he glides like a kitten above the ground."

The blooming of the Lotus epitomizes the fully accomplished being who left the dark waters to reach the light of day.

The Colors ...


Color of the fifth Chakra. Symbol of communication, self-expression, creativity and peace.

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, of travel and infinity. It stands for gentleness and life, embodies knowledge, loyalty and immortality, inspires inner peace and promotes intuition. Blue cleanses, nourishes and refreshes.


Color of the fourth Chakra. Symbol of balance, renewal, love and harmony.

Green is the most common color on Earth. It suggests the breath of plant life.

Mixing blue and yellow, midway between warm and cool colors, green represents neutrality and alleviation. It is the color of awakening, of the universal sap giving birth.

In Asia, green is the symbol of Spring and kindness.

This color facilitates the healing of old emotional wounds. Through the force it conveys, green helps to close doors left ajar, to let go, and therefore move forward with optimism.

Imagery of the Spice Route and multiple fragrances, LOTUS AROMA captivates the senses and invites the body and mind to infinite pleasure.

The Lotus Aroma brand is synonym of pure and natural essential oils and unmatched quality face & body care and bath & spa products with the highest concentration of active ingredients on the market.