Latin Name

Citrus limonum




Limonene, B-Pinene, y-Terpinene

Distilled Component


Traditionally Known Properties

Antibacterial. Room antiseptic. Antiviral. Litholytic. Tonic for the nervous system, general stimulant. Tonic for the digestive system, carminative, aperitive, depurative. Blood thinner.


Avoid during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Dermocaustic (potential skin irritant if not diluted). Possible photosensitization. Do not expose skin to the sun after application.


Citrus come from China where they were grown as early as the 10th century before Christ. In Germany during the 15th century, the lemon was an important part of the inhumation ceremonial. People attending funerals threw lemons into the coffin. Unfortunately, historical researches have yet to reveal why. One hypothesis is that this practice was intended to conceal the smell of the decomposing corpse. Studies conducted in Japan showed that the use of lemon oil in offices reduced absenteeism by half and increased work performance.