Gentle Toners

LOTUS AROMA Gentle Toners are truly beautifying waters, offering a host of benefits. They are protective, non-irritating, non-drying and abound in natural components.

Being so much lighter than cream, LOTUS AROMA Gentle Toners can be easily applied to soothe sensitive skin, remove make-up, prepare skin for other care products or neutralize the effects of hard water after rinsing the skin.

The Gentle Toners provide a sensuous, beautifying ritual that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed, and suffused with a delicate scent. Give yourself a few moments of relaxation and well-being, morning and night.

LOTUS AROMA's expertise yields a selection of 2 Gentle Toners made with pure floral waters that meet the needs of all skin types. These Gentle Toners are made from the water vapor collected during the distillation process used to extract essential oils.



Ideally, use once or twice daily with an atomizer or compresses on facial skin. Wipe gently with soft towel. You can also mix with a mask or cream. Ideal as a mist.