East Indian Lemongrass

Latin Name

Cymbopogon flexuosus




Citral (Neral + Geranial)

Distilled Component

Leaves (grass)

Traditionally Known Properties

Effective anti-inflammatory. Anti-neuralgic. Aids digestion. Gland stimulant: perks up ovarian, testicular, pancreatic and thyroid functions. "Hormone-like" action on the thyroid gland and pancreas. Regulates the nervous system; anti-depressant, powerful sedative. Improves focus, stimulates creativity and inspiration.


Avoid during the first 3 months of pregnancy.


The medicinal properties of lemon grass are known since ancient Egypt, and even longer on the Indian subcontinent. In the West Indies, lemon grass is a traditional cure for reducing fever. In Africa, people used it to treat conditions such as tuberculosis and malaria. In tropical countries, people often plant Lemon Verbena near their houses to keep insects away.