Bath & Body Washes

with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and pure essential oils


Combining both a shower gel and a bubble bath, the LOTUS AROMA bath & body washes are a pure delight and an invitation to complete relaxation.

The benefits derived from the active ingredients nestled into the heart of these sophisticated bath & body washes score an ode to beauty. Their captivating, delicate and intoxicating textures allow for a very light application to the skin, leaving it feeling clean, refreshed, beautifully soft and silky. The result is pure balance and a feeling of lightness.

Wonderfully cleansing and non-greasy. Up to 52 uses per bottle. Leaves no residue in the bathtub.

They stand out by the purity of their enchanting blends of essential oils and their captivating textures. Their natural aromas are bursting with the scents of citrus, flowers and a subtle hint of spice that exhilarate the senses and intensify the most delicate daily gestures. Through their captivating scents, they provide an immediate sense of well-being, filled with sweet pleasure. Use without restriction. Pleasure is a healthy addiction.


Bath - pour a capful under warm running water. Shower - apply and gently massage to lather. Rinse. Provides immediate sens of well-being filed with sweet delights. For best aromatherapy effect, breathe deeply while bathing or showering.

The Unscented formula contains no essential oils. It is perfect for your own blend of essential oils.


100% Plant-derived Active Ingredients

46% Organic Ingredients

99.6% Natural Formula

98% Active Ingredients

Low to NO water content

pH 5

Free of Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate. Free of Petroleum-based mineral oils. Free of GMOs. Free of Paraben. Free of Silicone. Free of synthetic alcohol. Free of Dyes. Free of Synthetic fragrances. Phthalate-free. Gentle preservatives. Eco-friendly.

This product is manufactured and tested under the most rigorous pharmaceutical standards.