Latin Name

Pogostenom cablin




Patchouli Alcohol

Distilled Component

Flowering herb

Traditionally Known Properties

Unclog veins, lymphatic, prostatic, phlebotonic. Promotes regeneration of tissues, cicatrizant. Stimulates the digestive system. Anti-inflammatory. Insect repellant.


This oil is a stimulant when used in small doses, but can become a sedative in large doses.


The patchouly is a plant known to bring peace in homes and to subdue disturbances. It is also believed to keep away people who could cause trouble. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Chinese merchants would prevent clothes moths from laying their eggs in their silk goods by wrapping them in dry patchouly leaves, as the clothes moths cannot stand the smell of patchouly. Hippies used patchouly perfume to cover the illicit smell of marijuana smoke. Patchouly perfume does not have the best reputation, perhaps because it is inexpensive.