Latin Name

Juniperus ashei




Thujopsene, Cedrol

Distilled Component

Entire plant

Traditionally Known Properties

Cicatrizant, lympho-tonic, lipolytic, hair tonic.


Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Do not use orally.


When they heard what sounded like a cry of sorrow in the wind blowing among cedars, the early Egyptian travellers of the Phoenician forests named these trees ash, which means "to moan". Certain texts mention "these trees are the most famous monuments in the universe", or "they are divine beings who have taken the shape of trees". The cedar is also known as the tree of strength and power. Its extraordinary prestige comes in great part from the fact that it is mentioned often in the Bible. Amazingly strong, the wood of the cedar is said to have been used for building the Temple of Jerusalem. In the pyramids and tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, researchers found bottles containing cedar oil several thousand years old and they were amazed by the spellbinding perfume still emanating from the bottles after all these years. Cedar oil is believed to stimulate spirituality and harmonize energies.