Latin Name

Citrus bergamia




Limonene, Linallyl Acetate, Linalool


Peel (cold-pressed)

Traditionally Known Properties

Versatile antibacterial. Air antiseptic. Antispasmodic Calming, sedative. Carminative, digestant, laxative.


Avoid during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Dermocaustic (potential skin irritant if not diluted). Possible photosensitization. Do not expose skin to the sun after application.


Bergamot is believed by some to come from the East and being introduced into Europe by the Crusaders. Its name would be a corruption of the Turkish word "beg armudi" which means "pear of the Lord." Others argue that the bergamot tree was imported from the Canary Islands by Christopher Columbus and that bergamot draws its name from the city of Berga, north of Barcelona, where it was first grown. This assumption is not shared by the Italians from Bergamo who claim the name is linked to their city.